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About Slater's

For the ultimate in Crappie fishing, it's the Slater's Deluxe Crappie Reels! Can be mounted in regular crappie reel seats or easily taped on to any pole. Just add line guide and you've got one of the finest crappie fishing systems on the market. The Deluxe Crappie Reels heavy-duty nylon construction and compact (2-7/16" diameter) design makes it durable and lightweight (2 oz). The deluxe crappie reels are versatile too... with the ability to be set for free wheeling, positive lock or operate with its line tensioner drag system. Ideal for ice fishing too. Comes packaged on skin-pack card for pegboard display.

The finest quality spring-tension crappie reels on the market today! Excellent for adjusting line length in pole fishing when used together with line guides. Ideal for ice fishing too.