6th Sense Crush 250MD Crankbait

6th Sense Crush 250md Crankbait

Vendor: 6TH SENSE

The 6th Sense Crush 250MD crankbait takes mid- to deep-range cranking to the next level. Unlike other crankbaits, the Crush 250MD has a uniquely designed tail with a distinctive taper that erratically moves the lure through the targeted areas, creating more strikes. Designed to quickly and efficiently dive to depths of 7-11 feet with less drag, this bait maximizes the desired strike zone. Sharp VMC black nickel hooks and top of the line paint schemes with realistic 3-D gill plates, 3-D eyes, and 3-D scales differentiate the CRUSH 250MD from all mid-range diving crankbaits on the market.


  • Tapered Tail Design |Generates a tight and erratic hunting action on the retrieve
  • Faint Rattle Chamber | Resonates light knocking sounds that provoke strikes without spooking finicky fish
  • Engineered Buoyancy | Quickly rebounds off thick brush, trees, rocks or any other type of cover while maintaining position and trajectory


  • Length: 72mm, 2.75in
  • Weight: 5/8oz
  • Dives: 7-11ft

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