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Arbogast Buzz Plug

Vendor: Arbogast

The Buzz Plug Jr. is a downsized version of the original Buzz Plug, a unique lure that combines the best characteristics of a buzz bait and a floating topwater lure. This near-weedless floating lure features a built-in wobbling motion when retrieved at a constant speed, yet can be paused and gently twitched to tease bass into biting or ripped across the surface to violently buzz, spit water and leave a trail of bubbles. The Buzz Plug Jr. features a floating frog/rat body with a buzz bait blade at the front, which rises up out of the water when the bait is paused. An upturned double hook allows the lure to come over wood or other cover without snagging. The Buzz Plug Jr. comes in six color patterns.


  • Unique profile
  • Floating buzz bait
  • Weedless design is ideal for fishing amongst weed and wood cover

Species: Bass


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Jr. 2 $5.99

Frog White Belly

Size Stock Price Qty
Jr. 1 $5.99


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Jr. 0 $5.99 OUT OF STOCK