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Boing Lures Popper Topwater Baits

Vendor: Boing Lures

Among the many senses that bass use to locate prey, sound is one of the strongest. The Boing G2 Popper exploits this attraction to sound by simultaneously generating a high and low frequency pitch, which drives bass bonkers. Not only does the Boing G2 Popper tickle bass' eardrums, it also has a specially designed concave mouth that spits and gurgles when worked along the surface. Like its brother the Boing Topwater Lure, the Boing G2 Popper also delivers long, bullet-like casts. Hand-painted and offered in a number of spectacular finishes, the Boing G2 Popper is armed with two sticky-sharp Gamakatsu hooks, and a hand-tied feathered trailer. Take your topwater fishing to unseen heights with unique tonal agitation and gurgling action of the Boing G2 Lures.

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