Buckeye Lures Flick It Wacky Rig Head

Buckeye Lures Flick It Wacky Rig Head

Vendor: Buckeye Lures

Using a Buckeye Flick-It is an excellent way to wacky rig a worm, and it is quickly becoming one of the more popular ways to catch finicky and suspended bass. The football head design of the Buckeye Flick-It sets it apart from other similar lures, since most lure companies use a ball-shaped head for this technique. The Football head design is great for casting and shaking a straight worm and it imparts a crazy action to the worm on the retrieve, while also producing an enticing wobble when resting. Take your favorite finesse worm and skin hook it through the middle, and the wire cable weed guard allows you to fish the Buckeye Flick-It around brush, grass and docks with great effect. Featuring an ultra sharp Gamakatsu Hook and a durable powder-coated head, the Buckeye Flick-It is unique lure and a great choice for changing up your wacky rig presentation.


  • Qty per package: 3
  • Available in: 1/16 oz, 3/32 oz


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1/16 oz 5 $5.79
3/32 oz 5 $5.79

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3/32 oz 6 $5.79