Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoon

Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoon

Vendor: Cotton Cordell

Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoons are masters of deception. They flutter into the strike zone like incapacitated baitfish before striking back with an iron-clad hook set. The CC Spoon is one of professional bass fishing’s most-successful jigging spoons – a must for every tackle box. A must for every bassin’ tackle box.


Size Stock Price Qty
3/8 oz 6 $4.29
1/2 oz 3 $4.29
3/4 oz 4 $4.29


Size Stock Price Qty
3/8 oz 10+ $4.29
1/2 oz 8 $4.29
3/4 oz 6 $4.29