Evergreen JT-115 Topwater Lure

Evergreen JT-115 Topwater Lure

Vendor: Evergreen

Chosen target never escapes. Next generation silent pencil bait with
long distance casting capability.

This is fishable natural silent pencil bait regardless of any
situation or condition. JT-115 still maintains the original concept of
JT-95, but smoother casting as well as increased long distance
capability. It is pencil bait that excels in action response as well
as hooking performance, while focusing on practicality and true
pursuit of how to hook the fish.

1. Remarkable Casting Distance
Provides exceptional and overwhelming distance that surpasses the
original product. You can raid boils in far distance compatible to
wide spectrum in clear water and or in high-pressure situations in
2. Action
Quickly performed “walk-the-dog” technique much easily and
dynamically. Provides high-speed natural action while keeping silent
and no lateral movements inducing spooky bass to bite.
3. Hooking
Withstands fierce strikes, and hook the smallest bites. Built in
super hooking performance, where drawn fish never escapes

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