Falcon Lowrider 20 Casting Rods HCJ

Falcon Lowrider 20 Casting Rods HCJ

Vendor: Falcon

Falcon introduced the “LowRider” series of rods and marked a major change in the design of fishing rods. Founder John Beckwith recalls, “I had heard that competitive long-distance casters were using little, tiny, single-foot guides instead of the big double-footed guides that were the industry standard at that time. This made sense to me. The smaller guides tamed the line coming off the reel and really reduced line slap and friction all the way up the length of the rod. So, longer casts.” Falcon Rods pioneered a new fishing rod design quite different from what other companies had been doing year after year.

The new “LowRider 20” celebrates the 20 year anniversary of the first LowRider with new features and look.


Model: LFC-6-174S
Power: HEAVY
Action: FAST
Line Weight: 15-30LB
Lure Weight: 1/2-1OZ


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