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Livingston Walking Boss II

Vendor: Livingston Lures

Combining lifelike swimming action with groundbreaking technology, the Livingston Lures Walking Boss Part II ushers-in the next generation of topwater lures. Designed with a durable jointed profile, the Livingston Lures Walking Boss Part II walks across the surface, replicating the actions of an injured or distressed baitfish. 

Just like its single-bodied brethren, the Livingston Lures Walking Boss Part II is equipped with the Livingston Lures’ Advanced Rattle system and EBSMT Technology. Engineered to produce hard-pounding vibrations, the Advanced Rattle system uses an electronically driven frequency to stimulate the lateral lines of fish. Armed with three razor-sharp trebles, the Livingston Lures Walking Boss Part II takes topwater baits to the extreme with its realistic walking action and advanced 

EBSMT Technolgy: On the cutting-edge of angling innovation, Livingston Lures’ latest offering is the first to utilize EBSMT Technology – an internal acoustic system that allows anglers to choose from four mouthwatering tones (EBS original, EBS Craw, EBS Shad, and Silent) to enhance their presentation. The Multi-Touch selection process makes it easier than ever to switch from sound-to-sound, simply submerge it in water to activate, hold the front line-tie and front hook hanger simultaneously and the lure will begin to cycle through tones.


EBS Original – The tone that started it all, EBS original is the one used by Randy Howell to win the 2014 Bassmasters Classic on Lake Guntersville. Designed to imitate the sounds of a distressed baitfish, EBS original appeals to all species of fish and is capable of getting the job done in a wide-range of conditions. 

EBS Craw – The second sound that you will hear when cycling through the EBSMT’s acoustics is the EBS Craw. Built to imitate the sounds of snapping shellfish, the EBS Craw sounds is especially effective anytime fish are feeding on crustaceans.

EBS Shad – When bass are chasing any type of baitfish, the EBS Shad is the sound that you want emitted. Designed to emulate the sound of frenzied baitfish, the EBS Shad is sure to keep your lines tight. 

Silent Mode – Perfect for heavily pressured or finicky fish, the Silent Mode provides lures with a stealthy approach that will attract fish without spooking.

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Walking Boss Part II 4-5/8" 15/16oz Topwater


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