Megabass Destroyer F5-75X Javelin Casting Rod

Megabass Destroyer F5-75X Javelin Casting Rod

Vendor: Megabass

The Megabass Destroyer F5-75X Javelin Fishing Rod is a specialized long-range model, developed specifically for treble hook baits to maximize casting distance and hookup/landing ratios. Employing our Hybrid Graphite System and a Medium-Fast taper, casts load deep into the powerful mid-section of the Javelin’s 7’5” frame, translating angler energy into formidable casting distance.

Javelin is designed for fast-moving search baits and burning, with a Medium-Fast taper tuned to absorb—then quickly pin and control—those key reaction bites. With ample power to set the hook at the end of a long cast, Javelin’s smooth-bending blank also responds dynamically to load, absorbing surges from hard-charging fish to keep those finicky trebles securely buried.

  • LENGTH: 7’5″
  • LURE RATING: 3/8 – 1OZ
  • LINE RATING: 8 – 20LB


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