Quantum Tour MG 100 Casting Reel

Quantum Tour MG 100 Casting Reel

Vendor: Quantum

The Quantum Tour MG 100. Loaded with Quantum’s latest PT features, don’t let its extreme lightweight fool you. It dishes out plenty of cranking power thanks to its ultra strong, ultra lightweight Hard Alloy Drive Gear.

It also stays incredibly smooth with the help of its 11 hybrid PT bearing system (10+1). Quantum’s sealed Hybrid PT bearings are the smoothest in the industry and feature a stabilizing polymer cage to significantly reduce friction. The internally adjustable ACS Cast Control also allows you to dial in your casting to a wide range of conditions and lures, and the machined skeletal spool not only lightens up the reel dramatically, it also provides greater line capacity. Offering tournament caliber lightweight precision, the Quantum Tour MG 100 Casting Reel is in a league of its own.


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