Umpqua Rainbow Warrior

Umpqua Rainbow Warrior

Vendor: UMPQUA

Nymph fishing is an extremely effective way to fish ¬. These flies are fished below the water surface traditionally as “dropper” below a dry fly or independently fished under a strike indicator. In order to get these flies down to the fish the aid of a weight or split shot can help. The beauty of tungsten bead head flies is they have a very heavy tungsten bead potentially eliminating the use of additional weight. Need to fish deep, use a tungsten bead head fly. These patterns resemble aquatic insects that make up 90% of trout’s food source. Nymph fishing is not only effective on with trout but is also commonly used for bass, crappie, sunfish, bluegill, steelhead and more. They are also effectively fished in rivers, lakes, streams or anywhere fish swim.

  • Constructed of the very best materials available
  • The very best fishing flies possible
  • Improve your enjoyment of fly fishing
  • Skillfully Hand Tied
  • The Umpqua Rainbow Warrior Silver Bead is a tried and true fly fishing pattern


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