Reaction Innovations Twerk Jig Trailer


Reaction Innovations Twerk now comes in 2 great sizes making it an even more versatile jig or buzzbait trailer.  The Twerk creates plenty of action with it's large swimming and vibrating claws and as always, the Twerk by Reaction Innovations is available in great color selections. Add it to your collection of plastic fishing baits today.

Length Quantity
3" Petite 7
3.5" Regular 6

Black Red Flake

Size Stock Price Qty
3'' Petite 1 $3.42
3.5" Regular 5 $3.42

California 420

Size Stock Price Qty
3'' Petite 3 $3.42
3.5" Regular 2 $3.42

White Trash

Size Stock Price Qty
3.5" Regular 2 $3.42