Yamamoto Heart Tail Swim Baits

Vendor: Yamamoto

The Gary Yamamoto Heart Tail Shad Swimbait's specially designed tail produces vibration with lots of side to side motion to draw big bass and other gamefish out of cover. The heart tail shad softbait by Yamamoto can be fished  Texas rigged, on a swimjig or chatterbait and is perfect for buzzing across weeds and lily pads. The Yamamoto heart tail shad, at 4.5" long, imitates perfectly a swimming baitfish and with it's heavily salted tail, lunker bass hold on longer allowing you plenty of time to set the hook.The Yamamoto 4.5" Heart Tail Shad Swimbait comes in a variety of proven colors including pearl white, black with large black blue flake, blueback hearing, goby, green pumpkin black flake, light brown bluegill, perch as well as many others. Stock up today and brag about the bass lunker you caught tomorrow!

 4.5" - 5 Pack


Size Stock Price Qty
4.5" 2 $9.69


Size Stock Price Qty
4.5" 4 $9.69