6th Sense Movement 80X Crankbait

6th Sense Movement 80x Crankbait

Vendor: 6TH SENSE

The 6th Sense Movement 80X Crankbaits are designed for crashing through thick shallow cover, ripping out of grass, cranking rocks, or just burning in open water. They feature 6th Sense’s Random Reaction Movement technology, which creates a hard thumping, erratic action proven to make fish react. The Movement 80X's also features excellent buoyancy, allowing them to not just crash and deflect off of cover, but also to back out of snags quickly and reduce hang-ups, dives down to 3 feet depth, super sharp VMC black nickel hooks, and Premium, realistic 3-D paint detailing. 


  • Unique Rattle Chamber | Provokes more strikes by aggrivating fish
  • Erratic Wide Movement | Hunts erratically and aggressively
  • Engineered Buoyancy | Quickly rebounds off thick brush 
6th Sense Size Weight Class Depth
Movement 80X 3.1" 5/8oz Floating 1-3ft

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