Aftco Element Cold Weather Glove Black and Grey

Aftco Element Cold Weather Glove

Vendor: Aftco

The next level in cold weather fishing gloves. 

The AFTCO Element Fishing Gloves was designed to increase warmth while increasing dexterity and feel. No longer do you have to choose between being comfortable and feeling the fish bite. You can have both! The Element Glove boasts cold weather features such as a neoprene cuff with TPR coating so it cinches tight on your wrist not letting out any warmth. A fleece lined poly thermal out layers also helps keep the warmth in, and is the first layer protecting your hands from the cold. 

In other gloves, these features cause you to lose the sensitivity and dexterity while fishing. Not the Element Gloves. The thumb, first and middle fingers have that fleece layer removed so you have the extra sensitivity in the fingers that are used the most. In the palm, there is a thinner synthetic leather layer with the microfleece that allows you to still move your hand around since it is so thin. 

  • Micro Fleece Lined Poly Thermal Outer Barrier
  • Thumb, First, and middle fingers have the inner palm side layer of micro fleece eliminated at the tips to increase dexterity and feel
  • .5mm synthetic leather “Sure Grip” palm with a thermal “Micro Fleece” layer keeps you warm without effecting dexterity and feel
  • Neoprene Cuff with TPR closure for added support and insulation to keep the cold out


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