Shimano aldebaran Casting Reels

Shimano Aldebaran Casting Reels

Vendor: Shimano

The next step in the evolution of lightweight, compact baitcasting performance, the Shimano Aldebaran 50 Casting Reel weighs in at only 4.7oz. Packed with Shimano’s latest technologies, it is one of the lightest casting reels to ever hit the market.

Shimano’s new SilentTune technology and advanced S3D: Stable Spool Design combine to significantly Reduce spool vibration for incRedibly smooth casts and retrieves. The cutting-edge SVS Infinity braking system also delivers easy-to-manage, consistent spool control and brake force.  Advanced brake weights that use ‘inner friction’ against the raceway during the cast allows the SVS Infinity system to precisely control spool speed for super accurate casting, especially when using lighter lures.

As anglers continue to fine tune their equipment to meet the demands of a variety of techniques, the new Shimano Aldebran 50 Casting Reels will be there to set a new benchmark in compact, lightweight fishing reels.

50HG | 7.4:1

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