Yamamoto Pro Senko Worm Fading Watermelon w/ Black Glitter

Yamamoto Pro Senko Worms

Vendor: Yamamoto

The Gary Yamamoto Pro Senko is thinner than most Senko plastic worms with a tapeRed design that gives this softbait the action that gamefish love. Use the Yamamoo Pro senko with a shakey head worm jig or  screw in bullet sinker. The Pro senko casts perfectly into any fishing habitate gettng you into those lunker bass hideouts fast. The 5" Yamamoto Pro Senko comes in all the great Gary Yamamoto colors so stock up today and be prepaRed for your next fishing trip.

Length Package Qty
5" 10 

Fading Watermelon w/Black Glitter

Size Stock Price Qty
5'' 4 $7.99