YUM Yumbrella Flash Mob Junior - Willow

Yum Yumbrella Flash Mob Junior Umbrella Rig

Vendor: Yum

The Yumbrella Flash Mob Jr. is a compact, flashy, finesse-style umbrella rig equipped with four spinnerbait blades to help it further simulate a Small school of baitfish. The little brother of the Yumbrella Flash Mob, it has all same the same great features - just with a Smaller profile. Equipped with five super-strong, heat-treated stainless steel wires to ensure strength and flexibility, the Flash Mob Jr. also features high quality super strong snaps and swivels to ensure flawless performance when hooking multiple fish at the same time.

The Yumbrella Flash Mob Jr. is available with your choice of willow or Colorado blades. Perfect for targeting suspended bass, as well as other gamefish feeding on baitfish, you can rig the Yumbrella Flash Mob Jr. with a variety of lures, including soft plastic swim-baits, grubs, jig heads, etc. Multiple hook ups are always possibility, so hold on tight.

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged Yum Ultralight Flash Mob Jr. Rig is illegal in some States.


  • 5.5" (tip of head to end of middle wire)
  • Super tough head treated stainless steel wire
  • Tough snaps and swivels
  • Tournament proven results

Baits & Jigheads not included.


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