Cotton Cordell

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Cotton Cordell Big O Squarebill

Cotton Cordell


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Cotton Cordell Pencil Popper

Cotton Cordell


Cotton Cordell Red Fin Topwater Baits

Cotton Cordell

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Cotton Cordell C.C. Spoons

Cotton Cordell


About Cotton cordell

When you think trophy fish, think Cotton Cordell. More bass, walleyes and stripers have fallen for classic Cordell lures than just about any other. The legendary Big O is the first mass-produced square lip crankbait, and it sold more than a million lures its first year of production. The Red-Fin is a big-bass and striper lure with a knack for catching the biggest fish in a school, and no serious walleye angler would be caught dead without a selection of Wally Divers and Stingers.