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About Falcon

Built on a foundation of over thirty years experience and know-how, we continue to develop cutting edge equipment for the most passionate fishermen.  Pioneering developments like the Lowrider guide system, technique rods, and Crossmatch technology featured on the Expert line continue to establish Falcon Rods as an industry leader. However,  technology alone is meaningless without knowing how to apply it.  That’s where decades of on-the-water experience come in.  From peacock bass in the upper Amazon basin to bass on Table Rock and Rayburn to tarpon on the St Pete pass, we’ve been there.

It was back in 1990 that John and his fishing partner George Neal headed to Texas to fish Choke Canyon with some prototype specialty rods with no name.  Back then most of the rods were 5.6 or 6 foot medium action   They had some 6.6 medium heavy with fast tips and powerful butt sections. While at Choke Canyon they met a guide, Marty Brown, who told them to keep going south to Falcon Lake.  They loaded the boat and went to Falcon.  It was a great trip, big fish with the new rods performing great.  On the way back to Broken Arrow around Falfurrias, Texas the name Falcon crossed John’s mind for these new rods.  The next week we made the trademark application for the name Falcon.

For 2020, ClearWater rods gain a new look and the latest guide technology from Fuji.  Plus we’ve added travel rods and continue to develop the LowRider and Expert lines with new models, including the popular 7’2” swim jig and 7’4” heavy-cover jig models.  Our deep roots in fishing and our spirit of innovation allow us to deliver the best to those who share our passion for fishing.  Now almost 30 years later we are still working to make the specialty action type of rods experienced fisherman want.  We are very grateful to have their  support and know their recommendations has made the Falcon brand.