JJ's Magic

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Fish Attractant

About Jj's magic

Alan Sumner invented the formula for a dye for soft plastic baits in the late 80’s-the early ’90s. He marketed it locally. Alan and JJ met in about 1996. Alan told JJ about the product that he had invented, and that he wanted him to try the product. JJ tried the product and suggested that Alan add garlic oil to the product as a fish attractant. Alan then brought the new formula to J.J. Polak for the dippin’ dye solution. The formula would allow the dye and scent to penetrate into the soft plastic bait. With both being avid weekend anglers, they saw an increase in the number of bites and the duration of those bites. Alan and JJ wanted to share this product with all the bass anglers of the world. They gave bottles to friends and their results were just as remarkable. With this information, Alan and JJ formed a company along with JJ’s two sons: Andy and Marty.
While gathering information for the production of the product, Marty came up with the company name of Fish Chemicals. The product was to be called JJ’s Magic after JJ for his help in getting this product off the ground.
After a few failed attempts at a logo, the jumping bass became the mainstay of the company’s logo. The jumping bass symbolizes the way bass love the stuff.
A few words about the people involved with Fish Chemicals.
JJ Polak is a retired policeman for DeKalb County, Georgia. He became an avid fisherman as a way to relax from the job of protecting the citizens. He started with small club tourneys working his way up to becoming a guide on Lake Lanier.