Heddon Torpedo Lure Fluorescent Green Crawdad

Heddon Torpedo Lure

Vendor: Heddon Lures

The Heddon Baby Torpedo is a proven topwater bait that Smallmouth and Largemouth bass can't resist. Its single prop spins and spits water. The Baby Torpedo can be worked slowly with twitches and pauses or reeled constantly at a Medium retrieve like a buzzbait. In rivers work the bait in shallow shoreline water in eddies near submerged rocks and in fast-moving riffles for giant Smallmouth. In ponds and lakes pause the Torpedo near wood and weed cover gently twitching it to entice big Largemouth.

  • Species: Bass
  • Top-producing spinner-equipped
  • Length: 2 1/2 in  
  • Weight: 3/8 oz  
  • Hooks: # 4 treble hooks

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