Megabass Levante USA Casting Rods

Megabass Levante USA Casting Rods

Vendor: Megabass


The JERKBAIT SPECIAL is purpose-built to maximize the performance of Megabass jerkbaits like the Vision Oneten and X-80 Trick Darter. Ideal length of 6’11” combined with shortened rear grip allows for easy, balanced cadence and long casts. Fast-taper construction allows for quick and precise transmission of angler input, making your jerkbait come alive in the water. The blank’s powerful middle section quickly drives hooks home and keeps surging fish pinned, transferring load smoothly to ensure hard-won jerkbait fish reach the boat.

A “must have” model for serious anglers looking to realize the full potential of their Megabass jerkbaits.

  • Length: 6’11”
  • Power: 4.5 (Medium)
  • Taper: Fast Lure
  • Rating: 3/8oz – 3/4oz
  • Line Rating: 8-20lb



The BRAILLIST exhibits pure dedication to bottom-contact applications like Texas rigs, jigs and the revolutionary Dark Sleeper bottom-bouncing swimbait/jig. Precision tip section showcases an optimal blend of sensitivity and stiffness, transmitting bottom contour and composition changes with clarity while exhibiting the requisite stiffness to “pop” jigs through gnarly structure. Exceptional bite-detection capability makes BRAILLIST an easy favorite of bottom-contact specialists. Silky-smooth blank load-transfer Reduces breakage when downsizing to lighter line. An excellent choice for deep, clear-water fields, and for any angler plumbing the depths.

  • Length: 7’5”
  • Power: 5.5 (Medium-Heavy)
  • Taper: Fast
  • Lure Rating: 3/8oz – 1oz
  • Line Rating: 8-20lb



Excels in single-hook applications like spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, swim jigs and bladed jigs. DIABLO SPEC-R’s excellent versatility benefits those anglers looking for one rod to cover multiple applications including bottom contact, no sinker soft plastics, topwater and Small swimbaits. If you’re looking to purchase your first Megabass rod, the DIABLO SPEC-R is often the model we suggest. The second generation is lighter, stronger and more sensitive, tuned for versatility to refine one of the most popular spots within the Levante series.

  • Length: 7’2”
  • Power: 5 (Medium)
  • Taper: Fast
  • Lure Rating: 3/8oz – 3/4oz
  • Line Rating: 8-20lb



An extremely popular model for hard-core jig anglers, PERFECT PITCH features a lithe tip section that improves pinpoint roll-cast accuracy and delivers the supple “give” that turns gentle pickup bites into sure hooksets. Often, pickup bites turn into quick drops when fish sense the resistance of a stiff rod tip. The carefully engineeRed “give” of the PERFECT PITCH opens the bite window for an improved hook-up ratio while providing the requisite muscle to “pop” jigs through the rocks.

A strong middle section lends ample power to bury thick-gauge hooks, while the powerful butt section exhausts fish without requiring you to “pump” the rod to maintain control. If pitching and casting jigs are part of your arsenal, then we are confident you will enjoy the undeniable power and effectiveness of the PERFECT PITCH.

  • Length: 7’2”
  • Power: 7 (Heavy)
  • Taper: Extra-Fast
  • Lure Rating: 3/8oz – 1.2oz
  • Line Rating: 12-25lb


Size Stock Price Qty
Jerkbait - F4.5-611LV 2 $249.99


Size Stock Price Qty
Flatside Special - F4.5-70LV 0 $199.99 OUT OF STOCK


Size Stock Price Qty
Diablo - F5-72LV 0 $199.99 OUT OF STOCK
Perfect Pitch - F7-72LV 2 $249.99


Size Stock Price Qty
Braillist - F5.5-75LV 0 $199.99 OUT OF STOCK