6th Sense

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Casting Rods,Crankbaits,Football Jigs,Frogs,Hats,Jerk Baits,Jig Heads,Lipless Crankbait,Pegging/Rigging,Replacement Skirts,Spinning Rods,Split Rings,Spoons,Swim Jigs,Swimbaits,Topwater Baits,Wake Baits

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6th Sense Provoke 106X Jerk Bait

6th Sense

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6th Sense


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About 6th sense

At 6th Sense, our primary goal is satisfy you, the customer, . We understand the importance of quality and that if you are happy with your product, we've done our job correctly. We are a family run business and work hard to make the customer our number one priority as we continue to grow 6th Sense into a leading fishing tackle supplier and lifestyle brand.