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About Bass medics

At OSP, LLC we are dedicated to building the most innovative products in the sport fishing industry. We build Professional Grade Fishing Tools for every angler. Rejuvenade®, our first product under the Bass Medics® line has now become the benchmark product for fish care in tournament angling. Although it was originally design for bass, it soon made it’s way into live-wells for all gamefish tournaments. Rejuvenade® is now used in most major tournament trails for bass, walleye, crappie, redfish, stripers and speckled trout. Whether you call them livewell formulas, livewell treatments, or livewell additives Rejuvenade® is the choice of top tournament pros (Pro-Staff) when their catch is in the livewell and money in on the line.

Rejuvenade® has become the number one livewell formula/additive on tour and is the exclusive livewell product for all FLW Outdoors Tournament Trails across the U.S. Rejuvenade® is a proactive livewell formula that revitalizes and rejuvenates bass, redfish, walleye and other fresh and saltwater gamefish under tournament conditions.

OSP also builds bait activators and holding tank formulas for all species of baitfish. BaitFresh is our universal bait tank formula for live bait. It is effective on minnows, shad, gizzard shad, shiners, pogeys, croakers, blue back herring, bull minnows and most known bait species, fresh and saltwater. BaitFresh is designed to sustain and activate bait to get the most out of your live bait during your time on the water.