Hildebrandt Baits

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Spinnerbait Blades

About Hildebrandt baits

Essential baits of tournament pros and guides, Hildebrandt and Poe’s have enjoyed long, productive histories as top choices of serious anglers nationwide. Bass, redfish, big game, saltwater, freshwater, and gamefish far and wide have fallen for the unique actions and strike-producing detail of these baits.

Hildebrandt, long known for its exceptional spinner blades has been  “Foolin’ Fish Since 1899”. A leader in the use of alternative metals,  Hildebrandt tailors the use of tin, bismuth and other metals to specific applications. Thanks to these developments, it means you can pull our new Drum Roller more slowly through shallow water, the new Double Deep, quickly through deep water, or helicopter your spinnerbait through the water table with the popular Drop Dead Fred series. The trademark finish of Hildebrandt blades makes them the most brilliant and most used replacement blades on the market. Better design, materials, finish, and cosmetic enhancements set Hildebrandt spinnerbaits and spinners apart from all others...it's a difference that shows!

Cedar stays in the strike zone longer. Poe’s Premium Wood crankbaits are crafted from cedar precisely for that reason. With numerous tournament wins credited to Poe’s, our approach has been simple and steadfast…produce durable, consistent-running, hand-crafted crankbaits and topwater baits with the most appealing profiles and colors available. Every element of every bait has been thoroughly designed and tested to deliver the results you expect…and all in cedar…so your bait stays in that zone that turns lookers into biters!