Booyah Covert Series Double Blade Spinnerbaits - Blue Chart Skirt and Red Head with Gold and Orange Blades

Booyah Covert Series Double Colorado Spinnerbaits

Vendor: Booyah

Experience the unparalleled effectiveness of Booyah Covert Double Colorado Spinnerbaits, perfected by decades of secret testing and modification. Hildebrandt Colorado blades deliver a hard-thumping, crisp drumming thud to catch the attention and tantalize the senses of bass. Trust in the ultimate lure designed by pro angler, Jason Christie.

Blue Chart/Red Head

Size Stock Price Qty
Gold/Orange 3 $8.99

JC Special

Size Stock Price Qty
Gold/Silver 5 $8.99
Gold/Silver 4 $8.99

White Chart Silver/Pearl Chart

Size Stock Price Qty
Gold 4 $8.99
Gold 3 $8.99
Gold/Orange 0 $8.99 OUT OF STOCK
Gold/Orange 1 $8.99
Gold/Silver 2 $8.99
Gold/Silver 0 $8.99 OUT OF STOCK

White Silver/Pearl Head

Size Stock Price Qty
Gold/Silver 2 $8.99